[Resolution] #24 Paint (with a twist!)

I come from a long line of artists. I even like to call myself one sometimes, but if I’m really honest, I never really honed my “hand” skills like drawing and painting.  I’m much better with a keyboard and mouse which evidently makes me a “designer.” But, artist or designer, or not, painting is one of those universally cathartic activities.

Now, take that catharsis and add red wine…and you have Painting with a Twist.

I know its brilliant, you don’t have to tell me.  Many a famous artist is rumored to have had his drink as close as, if not nearer than his brushes, but Painting with a Twist is not just a clever moniker I made up for getting wine drunk over art, it’s actually a business.  Someone took art and alcohol…and now makes money off of it.  And, I gladly gave them mine.

The lovely ladies in my life (Jenn, Nicole and Bernadette) decided we were long overdue for a girl’s day out, so we put in a reservation for a two hour Saturday class at Painting with a Twist.  For $35 they give you the canvases, the aprons, the paint, the space and the teacher…and you just provide the alcohol.

That’s Bernadette.  She’s happy to be there.

The class went a lot like one of those Bob Ross videos. The painting we were doing even had “happy trees!”  I was a little disappointed when the teacher didn’t actually call them happy trees, but hey, we can’t all be Bob Ross. She did take us through step by step, creating Picasso’s out of all of us non-painters.  In no time we were mixing paints, blending colors, and actually creating something that looked like real art.

Progress Shot

It’s a pretty fast paced class, I’ll admit.  I went in thinking that it was going to be a leisurely paint slinging where I could afford to hold a wine glass in one hand and a brush in the other, but not so.  Perhaps it’s a brilliant method of sobriety control.  We were so absorbed in our artwork that we all managed to get through just about 2 glasses each before the end. I didn’t realize how much you have to cram in to get a whole painting done in 2 hours, but it’s quite a bit.  Even a simple landscape scene has complexities I wouldn’t have even thought about.  Kind of makes me respect painters even more.

Here’s the finished product:

I signed it and everything.  Real artist.  Right here.

Now here’s the twist in the story.  What kind of artist would a be without a tortured soul-wrenching story, right?

Not two hours after I got my painting home, without even enough time to decide what wall to put it on…I stepped into the other room for just a few minutes. When I returned, my dog was laying on top of the canvas, paint chips and canvas shreds everywhere.

I cried.  I’m not joking.  Just flat out broke down over it.  But, luckily, they do another one every single day, and we’re already planning our next ladies’ day out and I’ll get to try again.  And this time will hang it on the wall far far out of my naughty dog’s reach.  And I’ll just have to cherish the memories–and the photograph–of this first go around.