Resolution #42: Toss/donate/sell at LEAST 25 things that I do not need…Now 100!

You heard me right. I am now minus 100 of my belongings.  And I don’t think my room has been this clean and organized since–okay, well, never. I’ve never been clean and organized.

It feels a little like this:

Empty Room

Okay, just kidding. That’s not my room. But I’m surprised I have anything left. I had a lot more stuff than I thought.

I got a bit stir crazy while I was sick and started shuffling around my room, still cluttered with loads of stuff I have no space for, piling up things that I thought I could do without.  I started with my bookshelf, de-shelving outdated web development books, fiction novels I’d never read, and old college anthologies I was sure I’d touch again and never found the time.  I moved on to my closet and started plucking dresses and sweaters from hangers. I sorted through an unnecessary collection of scarves. Perched on the edge of my bed, I counted each book and article of clothing and realized that I’d already nearly surpassed my 25 object goal, and hadn’t even touched the rest of my room.

…Could I…could I actually make it 50?

I sure did. Then 85. Then 100! I got a bit more scrupulous and pulled about 15 more articles of clothing, cleaned out my jewelry, removed all the useless and broken technology from my desk drawers. I tossed the scale that that broke but that I still stepped on periodically to see if it magically started working again. I finally threw out the batch of business cards that still had the wrong job title  printed above the wrong office address.

“Why do I keep these things?” Was the question du jour. Seriously. Am I the only one that keeps literally over a hundred things that she really has absolutely no foreseeable use for?

85 items

Here’s the pile, 85 objects in.  I didn’t get a photo of the whole 100, because I boxed everything up before I finished collecting things. But here’s the final tally:

  • 18 books
  • 6 dvds
  • 1 scarf
  • 4 Dresses
  • 18 shirts
  • 5 jackets
  • 7 pairs of pants
  • 1 skirt
  • 10 pieces of jewelry
  • 6 pairs of shoes
  • 2 bags
  • My Nook E-Reader
  • A photo holder
  • Old business cards
  • A stuffed animal
  • Pack of pastels
  • Pack of colored pencils
  • Resistance Band
  • An old wallet
  • Bathroom Scale
  • A pair of false eyelashes
  • Contact case holder
  • A toy
  • Tabletop S’mores Kit
  • Framed Stock Photo
  • Straightening Iron
  • Broken Blow Dryer
  • Decorative Pillow
  • 5 Coffee Mugs


I ended up taking my stuff to a few second-hand stores and made just over 50 dollars for what they would take, donated the rest of the clothes toward Project Heartbeat (through Buffalo Exchange) and the non-clothes to Goodwill. The extra cash was nice, but seeing as that went directly toward paying bills…the greater gift was coming home to a room I felt I could actually live in.  Hasn’t been that way since I moved in! Better late than never, eh?