When It Doesn’t Go According to Plan

I feel like this kid.  I feel like this kid ALL the time. I even make that face when I see birds.  Anyway…

I had grand plans for this week. Boyfriend gone. House to myself.  Ample time to check off some resolutions. See some people I hadn’t seen in a while.  Maybe get a couple of workouts in. Oh yes.  This week was going to be great.

But I didn’t do any of those things.

And, originally I was going to complain about this.  “My week didn’t go according to plan, boo hoo, still behind on everything, feeling fat, blah blah.”  But when I started to list out the things that DID happen this week…

  • Had feelings expressed to me (love, like, whatever you’ll call it) from someone I didn’t know had them
  • Rode on a Harley
  • Watched the sunrise two mornings in a row
  • Ate some killer sushi over philosophical conversation
  • Helped out a friend in need
  • Got covered in chigger bites

Okay, maybe that last one is a bit of a bummer, but for the rest of them, I’d sound like a real bitch if I said anything other than “This week was actually EXACTLY what I was looking for.”  Adventurous. Full of love and good people. New perspectives and new experiences. The whole reason I started this darn blog, right?  And, I got all of the above, without doing anything that I planned to do.

I’m just so used to having a list and checking things off of it, that suddenly when I was having adventures off the list, I felt like I wasn’t doing anything at all.

Pity, right?

I’ve written in the past about living in the present, but it never ceases to amazing me how genuinely difficult it is to do sometimes. I can’t believe, in retrospect, that I was watching the sunrise thinking “I can’t believe how much I didn’t do today.”  …It’s a sunrise Ami, enjoy it. Or that after riding on that motorcycle my second thought after “I’m alive!” was “That could have been a really bad idea.” It wasn’t, (I even wore a helmet) and it was awesome, nothing bad-idea about it.

So what did we learn this week?

That to-do lists are all fine and good, but make sure you set aside time to deliberately disobey your responsibilities for a while.

In other news, I successfully accessorized an outfit today, and also…bought my first pair of leather pants!  In Texas, no less.

To go with the owl shirt and new leather pants: Fancy new shoes, necklace (right), bracelet (middle) and a feather hair clip (right).

We’ll see how much use I’ll get out of them, but for tonight I plan on sporting them in the darkness of a movie theatre to watch Prometheus.


The Mere Mortal Movement. Join me!

So, riding the high from this conference I’m at in Portland, I’m inspired to start something.  And I’m doing it now…because if I don’t I might just chicken out about putting myself on YouTube.

The conference I was attending was actually a web conference, but during talks about Twitter and HTML5 I heard a ton of inspiring stories about ordinary people doing amazing things with their lives. A home-bound mother who became a CEO, a young boy with a disabled father who became an MIT grad, successful writer and game designer, an art student with no scientific background who invented a new material and started her own business.

These are extreme examples, but what I realized was that all too often these stories never get heard…especially once they turn into a wild success story and those people are suddenly one step higher than us on the life achievement scale, and consequently less relatable. There were all these fantastic steps along the way that were just as inspiring as the final and ridiculous success that these people all found, and no one heard about them until now.

I want people’s extraordinary stories to be heard, even while they themselves are still seemingly ordinary. So, I’m starting the Mere Mortal Movement. Help me out and post, tweet (#iamameremortal #MereMortalMovement), comment here or on the YouTube video below, or send me your story and I’ll gladly pass it along here on my blog. Whether its you or someone else you know. It doesn’t have to be anything big, even the subtlest movements create a ripple effect.

What’s your story?

Here’s the original YouTube video (eee, I’m on YouTube!), please like and share, and double please send in YOUR stories.

Tribute Tuesday (A New Tradition!): Amy Keast

I’ve only been blogging four months now, but I have met (virtually or in real life) so many inspiring people with inspiring stories.  My blog wouldn’t be what it is without the inspiration I get from these people, so…I’d like to start dedicating Tuesdays as a tribute to those people who show me that the extraordinary can be found anywhere and in anyone.

Amy Keast

I became acquainted with Amy early on, and I’m not sure exactly how I found her blog, but I’m glad I did.  The other thing I didn’t know was that commenting on her posts enters you in a drawing for a free reading.  Much to my surprise, I turned on my computer one day to a comment on my About page announcing that I’d won for that week.  I scheduled my phone reading for later that week, not knowing what to expect.

I’ve had psychic readings before, but nothing like what I walked away with from Amy.  Even as a complete stranger, she managed to tune in to me and what was going on in my life on a level that sometimes even my closest friends aren’t in on. You’d never even want to attempt to lie to her, let’s put it that way. Not only is it impressive, but it’s incredibly healing to have someone confirm that you’re headed in the right direction, or point you toward the right direction when you’re feeling a little lost.

Being an amazing intuitive isn’t the only reason Amy inspires me, though.  She’s the epitome of “living your truth.”  While she admits that sometimes it’s scary to share her gifts with others for fear of being judged, especially by those closest to her, it’s great to watch her kind of grow to be comfortable with the publicity that comes with bringing your most personal thoughts and beliefs to the blogosphere (does anyone actually call it that?).

She’s also an incredible mother, and writes frequently about her daughter who has similar intuitive gifts.    She speaks from her heart and encourages her daughter to do the same, something that I recognize my mother did for me while I was growing up. There’s no way I would have been as comfortable in my own skin as I am without a great example, and I’m sure the same will be true for her daughter.

So…this Tribute Tuesday, I’d like to thank Amy Keast for inspiring me on so many levels and of course for writing an extremely entertaining blog. 🙂  I encourage anyone who’s interested in intuitive readings or just the spirit world in general to check out Amy’s blog at amykeast.com


Freshly Pressed!

Well there was an absolutely thrilling surprise in my inbox yesterday…in the form of a notification that I was Freshly Pressed!

So, I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who stopped by yesterday with comments and likes, and give a warm welcome to all my new subscribers.  I got a full day of great feedback and even suggestions on how to accomplish some of my incomplete resolutions and they continue to come in.

I never imagined when I started that this blog would get out to many more people than my facebook friends but now that it has I am ecstatic about the possibilities!

I spent all day smiling like a goofball every time my phone would ding with a new comment. Hah.  I also go a lot of notes from others about how they’d been inspired to try some of these resolutions themselves.  I would love to hear/see when you do, I’ll even share them on the blog if you’d like.  🙂  It’s inspiring to do these things myself, but even more inspiring to inspire others.

So, again, thank you thank you, and thank you.


[Resolution] #66 Buy a Hat

I went hat shopping, I did.  There’s actually a really fun vendor down on South Congress for First Thursdays called Dandy’s. I even found a hat that actually looked good on my head, but with lack of the necessary funds I had to walk away.

But,  yesterday marked the very first Friday the 13th of 2012 and through a series of facebook posts and phone calls I found out that there was a tattoo shop doing $13 tattoos for Friday the 13th.  There was a sheet of what must have been over 100 tattoos you could choose from, and for 13 dollars you could permanently commemorate your bizarre love for the luck found in the supposedly unlucky. Not to mention the power of the number 13 which should probably be a discussion saved for another day.

After perusing the choices and considering everything from the Triforce symbol to a Coffee Mug, my eyes wandered onto a tiny picture of a bowler hat, affixed with a number 13.  My mind overflowed with images like…


Magritte is one of my most powerful inspirations, because many of his paintings, especially the iconic ones featuring the men in bowler hats are a magnificent representation of a major theme in my life so far and a major driving force in my creative inspiration as a designer.  Magritte knew of the potential betrayal of appearances. He knew that while something appears one way, that in fact it may not be what it leads you to believe at all.

Of the painting above, Golconda (the men in bowlers suspended in the air), it was said that,

“Ordinarily, you see a picture of something and you believe in it, you are seduced by it; you take its honesty for granted. But Magritte knew that representations of things can lie. These images of men aren’t men, just pictures of them, so they don’t have to follow any rules…it…makes us aware of the falsity of representation.”

Even Magritte himself said,

“It’s something that happens constantly. Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see. There is an interest in that which is hidden and which the visible does not show us. This interest can take the form of a quite intense feeling, a sort of conflict, one might say, between the visible that is hidden and the visible that is present.”

So with such an inspirational motif, and the knowledge that the probability of me wearing an actual bowler hat in public was scarce to none, I fulfilled resolution #66 by buying this hat: