“So what the hell, leap.”

Happy Leap Day everyone!  The only holiday we get to celebrate only four years.  And happy 10th birthday to anyone out there who is NOT 40 today.

I thought long and hard about how I may commemorate this year’s leap day. I thought about making a ‘leap list’ (the new Bucket List thanks to some sticky Honda marketing) but that’s pretty much what my resolutions are all about.  I thought about cliff diving or something but…I had to work today.

I did take a little leap, or rather a roll, this weekend by rolling down a hill in this thing:

No joke.  It’s called the “Texas Sphere Ride.” You crawl inside that ball, get strapped to the side, and they let you go! Down a hill.  Sounds simple enough, but scared the you know what out of me and was the best adrenaline rush I’ve ever had at the same time.  Let’s just say it’s a good thing we did this BEFORE lunch.

I also celebrated by Mom’s biggest leap by fulfilling Resolution #52 and leaving her book for someone else to read in a coffee shop in Gruene, TX. I watched my mom spend years and years writing her book “Reunion on the Rainbow Bridge” and it took her more courage than I can imagine to publish it and put herself in the public eye with a very personal account of her parents’ unbelievable love story and a number of very personal and sometimes controversial stories of past lives and reincarnation.  I encourage everyone to check it out if any of that sounds awesome to you.  Because it is. 🙂 You can get it at bookstores everywhere (usually in the New Age section) or here on Amazon.com.  Unless of course you live in Gruene.  Then you can pick up a free copy at this coffee shop!

Still nothing for the day-of Leap Day, though. So, I had to settle for stretching my artistic muscles and creating this out of one of my favorite “Leap” quotes. For your Leap Day Pleasure.  Enjoy!