I have days left to complete 53 resolutions.

Resolutions Completed in 2013: 7 out of 60

Click on the resolutions in blue to read the post about them.

Creating Habits:

1. Do something “just for me” once a week
2. Write at least 3 times a week
3. Exercise at least 3 times a week
4. Take a self-portrait once a month
5. Read a new book every month

2012 Resolutions Revisited:

6. Go on a road trip
7. Volunteer
8. Add an unnatural color to my hair
9. Create something I can wear
10. Write a short story
11. Participate in an activity that is only for women
12. Get a concealed handgun license
13. Take myself on a date
14. Submit a design to Threadless
15. Host a dinner party

New Experiences:

16. Go to Burning Man/Flipside
17. Go paintballing
18. Learn how to ride a motorcycle
19. Do something completely out of my comfort zone
20. Visit a new US State
21. Join a club or group
22. Learn to make something that I usually get pre-made/store-bought
23. Attempt a new form of art
24. Enter a competition
25. Do a DIY project
26. Stop in somewhere that I pass on the road just because it seems interesting
27. Create a secret recipe
28. Hack something into something cooler
29. Try acro yoga
30. Guerrilla anything (I’m thinking christmas decorations?)
31. Learn or create a new craft
32. Buy a groupon for something I’ve never done, and do it.
33. Take a cooking class
34. Learn to make sushi at home
35. Travel somewhere by train

Making my Dreams Come True:

36. Submit a short story to literary magazine
37. Get an article published by YCN
38. Get a consultation at Write by Night
39. Get certified to teach english as a second language
40. Pay off at least one credit card
41. Make an investment
42. Find a creative (and fulfilling) way to make extra money
43. Toss/donate/sell at LEAST 25 things that I do not need
44. Visit somewhere awe-inspiring
45. Learn more about astrology (you know, signs other than my own ;) )


46. Go camping alone
47. Make a change that I’ve always wanted but was afraid of what other people would think
48. Do the 21-day meditation challenge
49. Make one improvement that makes me more self-confident
50. Work on intuition/psychic development

Health and Wellness:

51. Try the Paleo diet
52. Get a check-up
53. Shop at the farmer’s market once a month
54. Attempt a tough mudder (or similar) challenge
55. Find something new and interesting to do for fitness

Good Things for Good People:

56. Do 10 random acts of kindness in one day
57. Help make someone else’s dream come true
58. Send an anonymous gift to someone for a holiday/birthday
59. Visit a friend in another state
60. Get involved with a charity or non-profit


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