Thanks to everyone who followed along in 2012!

Resolutions Completed: 53 of 112

Click on the linked (orange) items to read the post about that resolution.

  1. Get an Arm Tattoo
  2. Visit a new US State
  3. Be a tourist in my own city
  4. Spend a night on the 3rd floor of the Driskill
  5. Learn to play and sing a song on the guitar
  6. Host a dinner Party
  7. Learn to deep fry
  8. Cook a Julia Child recipe
  9. Attempt an eating challenge
  10. Try a donut burger
  11. Build something
  12. Go on a road trip
  13. Visit one of America’s most haunted places
  14. Go on a spiritual retreat
  15. Try a juice fast
  16. Start a balcony garden
  17. Pick-up a new hobby
  18. Run a 5k
  19. Cut my hair short (above the shoulders)
  20. Volunteer
  21. Learn a new skill
  22. Write a letter to a stranger
  23. Explore an uncharted place
  24. Paint
  25. Learn more about Buddhism
  26. Go Camping
  27. Buy an antique with a really great story behind it
  28. Foster a shelter animal
  29. Enter and win a sweepstakes
  30. Go for a week without eating processed/packaged foods
  31. Learn how to shoot with an SLR camera
  32. Add an unnatural color to my hair
  33. Learn to decorate cakes
  34. Make a “raw” dessert
  35. Create a piece of clothing I can wear
  36. Write a short story
  37. Write a letter/e-mail to a talk show and get it read on the air
  38. Have matching couple halloween costumes
  39. Kiss under the mistletoe
  40. Perform on stage
  41. Go to a renaissance festival
  42. Buy a really high-end piece of clothing or accessory (even small)
  43. Learn a magic trick
  44. Participate in a “No Sugar Challenge”
  45. Go vegan for a week
  46. Revisit a childhood memory
  47. Eat an exotic food
  48. Try pilates
  49. Participate in an activity that’s only for women
  50. Eat a multi-course dinner
  51. Make a vision board
  52. Read a book and leave it for someone else to find and read
  53. Get a concealed handgun license
  54. Take an APA dog running on town lake
  55. Go to a restaurant, order and consume the most calorie heavy item on the menu
  56. Make breakfast for a crowd
  57. Go to an Austin music festival
  58. Read one of “the classics” and read a trashy romance novel, compare and contrast
  59. Purchase something from thinkgeek.com
  60. Teach something to a child
  61. Go stargazing in the middle of nowhere
  62. Post a video of myself on youtube
  63. Conduct a “mad science” experiment at home
  64. Attend an art gallery opening
  65. Write a thank you letter to a teacher for helping me get where I am today
  66. Buy a hat
  67. Take a class
  68. Go back and finish a video game I abandoned
  69. Create a public piece of art
  70. Go to a bar by myself
  71. Create a homemade beauty product
  72. Climb a tree
  73. Throw a themed party
  74. Accessorize an outfit
  75. Search an area with a metal detector
  76. Do a freelance job in a different field (e.g. event planning)
  77. Take my family out to dinner and pay the bill
  78. Make a traditional dutch recipe
  79. Spend a month doing the TakePart Take Action project
  80. Wear something with sequins
  81. Do something I’ve always been afraid to do
  82. Use only public transportation for 3 days
  83. Dress up on an ordinary day
  84. Dance in public
  85. Go meet a role model in real life
  86. Get a celebrity’s autograph
  87. Wander a big city with no agenda
  88. Take myself on a date
  89. Sign up to be on a game show
  90. Create my own wine @ Water 2 Wine
  91. Imitate art from an artist I admire
  92. Win an auction on a penny bids site
  93. Find something that makes life a little easier
  94. Do something the old fashioned way
  95. Ask the waiter “What do you recommend?” And take his advice
  96. Do something that makes me feel like I’m flying (e.g. skydiving, bungee jumping)
  97. Go to an Alamo Drafthouse event
  98. Get published
  99. Support a cause I believe in
  100. Obtain a piece of original art
  101. Ice skate on an actual lake
  102. Rock climb (not indoors)
  103. Do something that I heard about on the Travel Channel
  104. Help someone anonymously
  105. Find out more about my ancestry
  106. Apply for dual-citizenship
  107. For one week give up one piece of technology I feel I couldn’t live without
  108. Shop for a week’s groceries using only the farmer’s market (pantry staples excluded)
  109. Do hot yoga
  110. Play a prank
  111. Submit a design to Threadless
  112. Ditch at least one habit that’s not environmentally friendly

23 thoughts on “2012

  1. I really like your resolution list Ami. I especially like #52, 81, and 102. I once found Way of the Peaceful Warrior in a college class on the desk I always sat at. It was there for a week and never moved, so finally I read it. I stayed up for 3 days reading it and unfortunately blew off my finals, but learned more in those 3 days than many semesters in college. As far as trying things you are afraid of, all I know is that those experiences teach you the most in life, so go ahead. A good book on the subject is Only Pack What You Can Carry by Janice Holly Booth. It is all about overcoming your emotional, physical, and psychological fears. It was quite life-changing for me. And rock climbing you definitely need to try. I have been addicted for many years and it is one of the most uplifting and meaningful activities you can do for your mind, body and spirit. But be careful and learn from an expert. It can be very dangerous. Try starting in a gym first and meet someone there who can take you outside. Outside is much better though. Well, keep up your positive thinking. I am happy to see young people who really think and seem to want to do things in their life. Take care. Chris

    • Chris, thank you so much for all of the suggestions. Way of the Peaceful Warrior is one of the most life changing books I’ve ever read. I’ve actually read it multiple times now, I always pick it back up when I feel I may be falling off my path or losing sight of what’s important. I hadn’t heard about Janice Holly Booth’s book, though. I can’t wait to check it out. I’m looking forward to seeing where this list takes me and thanks for following along. I might pick your brain about rock climbing when I get closer to completing that one. 🙂

  2. What did you use to list the days left for your remaining resolutions and your completed ones? Or do you just update it manually? Love your site, very good design which doesn’t surprise me at all.

    • You’re so sweet. 🙂 I can’t actually take credit for the design, it’s just one of the free wp.com templates because you have to pay for them to let you customize it… As for the dates, yeah I just update manually every time I complete one. Again, not much customizing you can do with free wordpress. If I keep going I’ll get my own install/hosting so I can customize and automate more.

  3. I can help with # 8. Here’s one that’s super easy and highly effective! – http://wp.me/p1ByJK-nF

    I had a bad experience with # 109. The one here in Ann Arbor has carpeting and runs half a dozen classes/day, 7 days/week. So there’s a couple hundred sweating bodies every week with no opportunities to shampoo the carpets. And A2 (like Austin) has a lot of hippies. Don’t want to discourage you from a resolution, just make sure they have hardwood floors!

    Good luck on this great list!

    • Yum! I don’t think even I could mess up that one. Plus, your post promises I’ll score too? ..Can’t pass that up. Thanks!

      Your hot yoga experience though, not so delicious. I actually just got a little nauseous thinking about it. Hardwood floors a must.

      Thanks for the suggestions and well wishes. I’ll be sure to let you know how that fish turns out.

      • Since you’re an attractive female, I can guarantee you’ll score after the meal. Then again, because you’re an attractive female, you could serve a bowl of cereal and you’ll score. If you were a guy, all bets are off!!

  4. Great list! I’ve been rehashing my bucket list hours before I stumbled on your post. have you heard of bookcrossing.com for your #52?

    As for your #22 try searching for groups online for people who write to soldiers currently deployed in other parts of the world. If you’re just going to write to a stranger, why not a hero?

    Good luck!

  5. I enjoyed reading your blog. Good luck on accomplishing your goal! I had a similar resolution last year (to try 52 new things– one for each week of the year). Now I am doing the same with my kids.
    I think you’ll find #25 to be life changing. Once I learned about Buddhism, I was able to see life from a different lens. I am looking forward to reading about your experiences with #63 and 102.
    You have given me a few ideas to try this year!

  6. Love the concept and page design! I am living in Sweden but I am from ATX and I miss it soooo much! That being said #3 on your list should be VERY easy to do! Austin has a ton of hidden gems to explore. I’ll keep checking back for you to do that one. 🙂

    • Wow, Sweden’s a long way away from ATX. What took you over there? I’m pretty excited for #3. I’m having a hard time being unbiased though. As a local I find that most of the tourist things turn me off even though I know they’re amazing. I’ve gotta get over that. lol.

      • A girl, but I’m hoping to return to Austin soon. I miss running by the Lake. When we visited Austin last summer we did stuff like Amy’s Cupcakes, Live Music on 6th and Barton Springs. Not necessarily touristy but there is stuff like that. Not sure if it counts as being a tourist though if you know all the little hidden secrets ATX has!

  7. We kind of knocked-out #24 in the strictest sense of the word; and we still plan on doing it more as the year progresses! I’m semi obsessed with wanting to paint now… Hahaha.

  8. Hey Ami, loving the blog. Just a note of caution on #15 Try a juice fast. When you do juice fasts, you need to be careful when you come off of them, because juice fasts starve your body of solid foods and trick your body into thinking it’s going to starve itself again. So when you come off it, your body will store up everything it can, and most people regain or blow up a little more than when they started the fast. I’d read up on them, most health pros don’t recommend it. Just looking out for you! 🙂 Keep up the amazing job!

    • Thanks for the advice! I’ve actually gotten a few words of warning about that one. It seems its a lot trickier than I’d originally thought, but glad I know that now so I’m not just going in blind. I contacted a nutritionist friend who (like you said) recommends against it but has helped a few people accomplish them in the healthiest way possible. At the very least I can better inform myself so I can make a conscious decision on whether or not its still a good idea. I don’t want any resolutions that include hurting my health. 🙂

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