The Mere Mortal Movement. Join me!

So, riding the high from this conference I’m at in Portland, I’m inspired to start something.  And I’m doing it now…because if I don’t I might just chicken out about putting myself on YouTube.

The conference I was attending was actually a web conference, but during talks about Twitter and HTML5 I heard a ton of inspiring stories about ordinary people doing amazing things with their lives. A home-bound mother who became a CEO, a young boy with a disabled father who became an MIT grad, successful writer and game designer, an art student with no scientific background who invented a new material and started her own business.

These are extreme examples, but what I realized was that all too often these stories never get heard…especially once they turn into a wild success story and those people are suddenly one step higher than us on the life achievement scale, and consequently less relatable. There were all these fantastic steps along the way that were just as inspiring as the final and ridiculous success that these people all found, and no one heard about them until now.

I want people’s extraordinary stories to be heard, even while they themselves are still seemingly ordinary. So, I’m starting the Mere Mortal Movement. Help me out and post, tweet (#iamameremortal #MereMortalMovement), comment here or on the YouTube video below, or send me your story and I’ll gladly pass it along here on my blog. Whether its you or someone else you know. It doesn’t have to be anything big, even the subtlest movements create a ripple effect.

What’s your story?

Here’s the original YouTube video (eee, I’m on YouTube!), please like and share, and double please send in YOUR stories.


4 thoughts on “The Mere Mortal Movement. Join me!

    • Thank you! The best way to help is to share a story of your own. Even your own story! Write it as a blog post, a comment, anything you’d like. Just get it out there and label it “Mere Mortal Movement.” Don’t be shy. 😀

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