Facebook Fan Page: Now liking me is as easy as pressing a button.

I’ve finally done it.  I’ve finally created a Facebook fan page for….myself.  It really seems vain when I say it like that but, I needed and wanted a way to communicate with the people I’ve met, or even haven’t met yet, that happen to be following my blog.

So, if you’re Facebook savvy and feel like having my posts and musings pop up on your timeline, please visit my brand spankin’ new fan page at facebook.com/wakeupamiblog. Or, just click ‘Like’ in the box that’s now in my sidebar.

I’m also on twitter! I haven’t started a twitter account just for the blog, since I think that anything I would say for this blog would be identical to what I would say on my personal account, so feel free to follow me at @homeofficediary.

Not only does this let me actually have communication with my followers besides this one-sided post reading thing, it’s also a great way to share suggestions.  I’ve fulfilled so many of my resolutions already thanks to recommendations and ideas from my friends, I’d love to hear yours too.

Thank you all for following and I hope to see you in the Facebook sphere.



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