[Resolution] #9 Attempt an Eating Challenge

Has anyone heard of the Dos Equis ‘Feast of the Brave’ challenge?

I was fully prepared to try to eat 25 mouth searing hot wings, or go head-to-head with someone to see who could eat the most pancakes, but this challenge (again brought to my attention by an amazing friend) was just strange enough, gross enough, and all around perfect for this resolution.

It’s been a good week for food, I’d say.  First the donut burger, then the eating challenge within days of each other.

The Feast of the Brave is a nation-wide eating challenge perpetuated by the one and only Dos Equis beer company.  In Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Dallas and my own beloved Austin there are taco trucks sitting on street corners shelling out some street food that you wouldn’t really expect here in the states.  Maybe on one of Andrew Zimmerman’s Bizarre Foods adventures, but certainly not at 6th and Lamar downtown.

Depending on the city, you can walk up and receive a taco filled with things like hog ears, beef intestines, corn fungus, crickets, shark and bird gizzards. They’re even FREE.  No payment required if you are brave enough to actually consume them.

On top of that, each taco earns your city a certain number of points, and each city is competing head-to-head to see who’s the bravest of them all.

My beloved foodie friend Jake was the one who found out about it in the first place and insisted we track down the truck. Without hesitation, and determined to uphold Austin’s fearless foodie reputation, we headed out to catch the truck at an office building up north.  In the fifteen minutes we were there we consumed (collectively):

  • A shark taco (with habanero apple relish) 20 PTS
  • A beef intestine taco (with grilled onions and salsa) 30 PTS
  • 2 Hog Ear Tacos (with shredded wild boar, onions and salsa) 10 PTS EA. = 20 POINTS
  • 2 Mystery Tacos (we still don’t know what was in them, but in included an entire jalapeño) 100 PTS EA. = 200 PTS

Grand total earned for Austin, TX: 275 POINTS

Even though I was eating a bunch of exotic foods I couldn’t help but feel afterward that it wasn’t too much of a challenge.  Every single one was delicious.  The mystery taco had us both tearing up from the spice, but I felt a little cheated that I didn’t have to pick insect legs out of my teeth or fight back my gag reflex.  Is that masochistic?  In fact, I left with plans to go back the next day to have some more beef intestine. (Tastes like jerky.)

Hog Ear Taco - See, looks delicious right?

Mystery Taco - Can anyone identify? Jalapeno and possibly a serrano? Still not sure.

But, I feel that justice came the next day when we realized that we played a part in helping Austin jump from #4 to the proud Top 3.

I may have to repent with some atomic buffalo wings later this year, but for now I’m very proud to have competed in the Dos Equis Feast of the Brave!

Has anyone else in the other cities tried the tacos there?  I’d love to hear how those cricket tacos are.


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