Freshly Pressed!

Well there was an absolutely thrilling surprise in my inbox yesterday…in the form of a notification that I was Freshly Pressed!

So, I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who stopped by yesterday with comments and likes, and give a warm welcome to all my new subscribers.  I got a full day of great feedback and even suggestions on how to accomplish some of my incomplete resolutions and they continue to come in.

I never imagined when I started that this blog would get out to many more people than my facebook friends but now that it has I am ecstatic about the possibilities!

I spent all day smiling like a goofball every time my phone would ding with a new comment. Hah.  I also go a lot of notes from others about how they’d been inspired to try some of these resolutions themselves.  I would love to hear/see when you do, I’ll even share them on the blog if you’d like.  🙂  It’s inspiring to do these things myself, but even more inspiring to inspire others.

So, again, thank you thank you, and thank you.



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