[Resolution] #50 & #73 Eat a Multi-Course Dinner and Throw a Themed Party

Well this post is about a week late, but things have been just non-stop for almost 2 weeks now!  But, better late than never.

For my birthday this year I got to accomplish 2 resolutions: Eating a Multi-Course Dinner and Throwing a Themed Party. Let me take a moment to thank my friends for being so amazing.  I really was worried for a moment than despite setting a theme, that no one would actually follow suit.  But oh, did they.

#73 Throw a Themed Party

I figured since it’s 2012 and all, even though it’s only February, that it’s never too early to start celebrating the (could be) end of the world.  So I threw an Apocalypse Party.  The stipulations?  Wear your end-of-the-world finest and bring your “last meal” — the one food you’d want to be eating if the world was ending around you.

The one thing I took from this?  All of my friends don’t give a you-know-what about health of risk or diabetes if the world is ending.  Because we had a feast made almost entirely of sugar-laden treats.

Some highlights included 3 varieties of cupcakes, a giant stack of freshly made waffles with Grade-A ($25 a bottle!!!) maple syrup, crème brûlée, Nutella sandwiches, s’mores on a stick, cookies from The Cravory, chocolate covered popcorn and more.  Then, the savories included stir fry and pigs in a blanket. And, it wouldn’t be the end of the world without inebriation…Matt’s last meal was Coor’s light.

Everyone dressed the part, too.  We had everything from Indian Jones (maybe?) to post-apocalypse chic, to busting out the nice suit. And Jake and Jenn?  Well, they know how to go all out.

That’s also Alex assembling a popcorn waffle taco.

It was a fantastic night, and while I was there Jake and Jen gave me a coupon redeemable for a dinner out with them at Hudson’s on the Bend, where I can fulfill resolution #47, eat an exotic food.  They have rattlesnake cakes!

#50 Eat a Multi-Course Dinner

This resolution has now prompted Nick and I to make a new resolution to eat dinners like this more often.  Yum!

Max’s Wine Dive, a wine bar in downtown Austin is known for their slogan “Fried chicken and champagne? Why the hell not?!”  The best way to describe it is “upscale comfort food,” like what would happen if you told an Iron Chef to make fried chicken or mac & cheese.

Well for Sunday, Feb 12th they decided to do something a little different.  A full, Moulin Rouge themed 7 course french dinner called “La Joie de Vie.”  The Joy of Life.  Even though it wasn’t actually on valentine’s day, it was their answer to the valentine’s dinner.  I just got lucky that it happened to fall on my birthday, so we did Birthday and Valentine’s dinner all in one

Here’s a peak at the menu:

I’ve never had so many foods I couldn’t pronounce.  Each paired with the perfect wine.  It was magnificent, held in a private underground room decorated with diamonds, red lighting (so I apologize for the quality of the following photos) and topped off with a live burlesque performance.

Quick small world story:  The burlesque dancer actually turned out to be an acquaintance of mine.

Speaking of Iron Chef by the way, that’s exactly where I felt like I was with these beautiful presentations (minus the stress and loud announcer of course).

That’s the duck confit on a crostini and the seared lamb heart there on the bottom left.

The main course: rabbit leg and tenderloin.

And a delicious salad with foie gras and beet candy.

I’ll be the first to admit that I had a few moral issues with eating things like the heart of a baby sheep or the fatty liver of a purposely fattened duck…. but it’s something I’d never done and something I may never get to do again.  Nick and I both agreed that we should put our reservations aside for a night and try all the new things in front of us.  I’m happy to report that even the unadventurous Nick really enjoyed just about everything served to him!  The two exceptions were a stinky french cheese on the cheese plate that smelled a little like steamed cauliflower and feet?  And of course the chocolate dessert.  Not even paying $80 for one meal can make him like chocolate.

It was a great night, and we found out on the way out that Max’s does these things bi-monthly.  The next one is an April Fool’s comedy dinner.  Maybe we can scrape together the funds to go check out another!


3 thoughts on “[Resolution] #50 & #73 Eat a Multi-Course Dinner and Throw a Themed Party

  1. I like the hell out of this!!  I’m so proud that you’re attempting all these cool resolutions and so happy we get to participate.  You’re really an awesome chica!

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