A Thank You to the Musicians Who Know Us Better Than Ourselves

You know those songs that you have on your iPod that you’ve long forgotten about?  Yeah, we all have them.

How about those songs that come on and seem like they are talking specifically about you?  Yeah, we have those too.

Today, as I drove down the road, still on the trailing end of a week full of soul searching and trying to sort the voices in my head, one of those songs came on and managed to cut through everything.

The song: Brand New Day by Ryan Star.  It goes a little something like this (and the video is promo material for the television show Lie to Me for which this is the theme song):

I began to pluck out words that had come out of my mouth not days earlier, “I’ve stayed in one place for too long. Gotta get on the run again.”  “Turn back the clock.”  “Give me some time.” But, luckily Ryan Star was able to finish the thought that I hadn’t been able to yet.

“Let’s open our eyes to the brand new day.”

It’s a song about allowing yourself to dream, and about going after the things that you’re hell bent and passionate about.  Picking up, moving, seeking, and constantly re-inventing yourself.  Each day is a new day, it’s never EVER too late. The part of the inner conversation I hadn’t reached yet.

Music has a level of truth, passion and emotion that is untouched by anything else.  I hope all of you musicians out there realized that you are answering people’s questions, making them believe in things they thought were lost, and helping them get just a little bit closer to themselves. So on behalf of all of the people you’ve touched with your music, thank you.


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