[Resolution] #66 Buy a Hat

I went hat shopping, I did.  There’s actually a really fun vendor down on South Congress for First Thursdays called Dandy’s. I even found a hat that actually looked good on my head, but with lack of the necessary funds I had to walk away.

But,  yesterday marked the very first Friday the 13th of 2012 and through a series of facebook posts and phone calls I found out that there was a tattoo shop doing $13 tattoos for Friday the 13th.  There was a sheet of what must have been over 100 tattoos you could choose from, and for 13 dollars you could permanently commemorate your bizarre love for the luck found in the supposedly unlucky. Not to mention the power of the number 13 which should probably be a discussion saved for another day.

After perusing the choices and considering everything from the Triforce symbol to a Coffee Mug, my eyes wandered onto a tiny picture of a bowler hat, affixed with a number 13.  My mind overflowed with images like…


Magritte is one of my most powerful inspirations, because many of his paintings, especially the iconic ones featuring the men in bowler hats are a magnificent representation of a major theme in my life so far and a major driving force in my creative inspiration as a designer.  Magritte knew of the potential betrayal of appearances. He knew that while something appears one way, that in fact it may not be what it leads you to believe at all.

Of the painting above, Golconda (the men in bowlers suspended in the air), it was said that,

“Ordinarily, you see a picture of something and you believe in it, you are seduced by it; you take its honesty for granted. But Magritte knew that representations of things can lie. These images of men aren’t men, just pictures of them, so they don’t have to follow any rules…it…makes us aware of the falsity of representation.”

Even Magritte himself said,

“It’s something that happens constantly. Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see. There is an interest in that which is hidden and which the visible does not show us. This interest can take the form of a quite intense feeling, a sort of conflict, one might say, between the visible that is hidden and the visible that is present.”

So with such an inspirational motif, and the knowledge that the probability of me wearing an actual bowler hat in public was scarce to none, I fulfilled resolution #66 by buying this hat:


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