SOUND OFF: Is the Second Job the new…Job?

It’s a bit of a long story about how I grossly over-estimated what I could afford post-college, but I was recently broadsided with the realization that…I need a second job. Unfortunately this opulent lifestyle I’ve been leading has left me with enough bills each month to…exceed my income.  Not just bills, but if I incorporate my goals of saving and paying off debt instead of creating it, it’s just not going to happen.

So my search for a second job has begun.  And, by second job I mean freelance work, but I digress.

Maybe I should take up super-hero-ing. (Image by Alayna)

I hadn’t thought about it, but while considering possible connections I had that may lead to some freelance design and web work I realized that there are more people I know that have two jobs than the people I know that have one or none.  Is 2 jobs the new norm?  Even for the people without debt and new cars: 2 jobs.  My friends are racking up 50-60 hours a week and it’s “just another week.”

I thought that the big deal right now was that people weren’t able to find jobs.  So where’s the disconnect in my own little world over here? I do think that working two jobs to make ends meet is a far better option than having no job and not being able to. But, I’m curious now.  I’d never thought about it but now that I have…

SOUND OFF: Is a 2 job world the one we’re heading into, or is this just some sort of anomaly in my own social circle?

On the bright side, I’m looking forward to venturing out on my own a bit in my spare time. Some of the most interesting people I’ve met are through jobs. Maybe this is a new adventure in hiding.

P.S. If anyone out there knows of someone who needs web or design services.  I’m your girl.  Please keep me in mind!  Much obliged.


One thought on “SOUND OFF: Is the Second Job the new…Job?

  1. Holding down at least 2 jobs at a time is really common among my circle too. It’s hard to make a living on one when you can only seem to find part-time jobs that don’t pay much.

    I was working 3 part-time minimum wage jobs a couple years ago before I found a full-time position that allows me to pay rent on a single job’s pay. You gotta do what you gotta do to make it!

    And then you have the unfortunate souls working multiple jobs *and* going to school. Crazy! 😦

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