[Resolution] #51 Make a Vision Board

This was an important one for January. I’m a big believer in manifestation and the law of attraction, the whole “what you think is what you create,” so this is my daily reminder of all the things that I want to earn, do, see and achieve.

If you’re wondering why the other half is blank, it’s because Nick decided to join in on the fun and have some visions of his own, but has yet to pin them up.  The cork board route is so that we can add and take away things as our goals and visions evolve.

For now, some of the highlights are: Moving to Portland, opening a business with my sister (eventually), more positive thinking, getting out of debt, and seeing snow.

I’m sure I’ll add and add and add throughout the year, and if all goes well, be able to take away some of the ones I’ll have already achieved.

Happy year of making-it-happen!


7 thoughts on “[Resolution] #51 Make a Vision Board

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  2. I’m a big believer in the law of attraction and am a HUGE believer is affirmations. Each day I say things I want to happen in the present tense eg. “I have more than enough money”
    “I am happy” etc. while these may not be true at the moment they will be! Good luck

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