The Radical Self Love Project

Welcome to 2012 everyone! Before I say anything else, let me extend my hopes for your happiness, health and best adventures yet this year. After a night of food, friends, and some kick-ass spiked coffee I’m feeling pretty good about how the year’s going so far. 😉

Anyway, food and spiked coffee are definitely forms of self-love, but that’s not what I was getting at here.  While finishing up my list of resolutions yesterday I came across an article, attached to an entire blog, that really brightened my day but more importantly, and this will sound extreme but it’s true, brightened my outlook on life.

One of the biggest things that people seem to overlook while they are worrying about that weight they have to lose, or that relationship that needs help or that bank account that’s filled with more dust than money, is Self Love.  Loving oneself unconditionally no matter what’s going on in life, no matter how much holiday weight you put on, no matter how unappreciated you are at work.

Well, Gala Darling gets it.  And that’s why her once-fashion-blog is now an entire project dedicated to showing people how to love themselves.

The article I stumbled upon is called “100 Ways You Can Start Loving Yourself Right Now.”  To some it may sound like a self-help book, but I’m a sucker for lists and good typography so I continued reading.  Suddenly I was stumbling across tips like:

Treat yourself to new knickers.
It’s almost a sure-fire way of feeling sexier & more delighted. Getting 5 pairs of cute knickers for $25 at Victoria’s Secret is one of the great joys in life, I think!

And others like…

Dance in public.
It’s very liberating if you’ve never done it before! & even if you HAVE… Dance in the library or something! Cause a scene. Make people smile. Totally worth it.

This chick’s no Dr. Phil.  And that’s why I like her.  Of course there are more traditional ones too like,

Stop worrying about other people’s opinions.
It doesn’t matter whether it is the opinion of a stranger or your husband, sometimes we let what other people think determine how we live our life… & it’s ridiculous. Ultimately, their thoughts on what we do & how we do it are irrelevant — all that matters is that it sits well with you.

The most obvious ones are often the ones we forget about.

I got through the list and felt absolutely inspired, and more importantly I felt a little more like I could conquer anything.  I encourage you to read the whole list here and explore the rest of her blog at

Again, happy new year to all.  Spend your first day loving yourself just a little more than you did the day before.


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