112 Resolutions for 2012

Okay, maybe it’s a lofty ambition. But, think about it this way.  It’s no secret that 2012 is supposed to be a year of major transformations.  To some, this is the year the world might very well end all together.  Though I don’t follow that belief personally, if the world WERE to end in 2012, I would have wanted to accomplish as many damn amazing things as I possibly could.

So…I’ve compiled a list of 112 things that I was to do, accomplish or try in 2012.  I did the math.  It equates to about 9-10 resolutions each month.  Some are big, some are small.  I think if I get my butt in gear, 2012 is going to be a really exciting year (hey, I rhymed).

I’ll also keep this list on a page up there in the main nav as a running tally of how many I’ve completed and how many are left.

The 112 Things I Want to Accomplish in 2012

  1. Get an Arm Tattoo
  2. Visit a new US State
  3. Be a tourist in my own city
  4. Spend a night on the 3rd floor of the Driskill
  5. Learn to play and sing a song on the guitar
  6. Host a dinner Party
  7. Learn to deep fry
  8. Cook a Julia Child recipe
  9. Attempt an eating challenge
  10. Try a Krispy Kreme donut burger
  11. Build something
  12. Go on a road trip
  13. Visit one of America’s most haunted places
  14. Go on a spiritual retreat
  15. Try a juice fast
  16. Start a balcony garden
  17. Pick-up a new hobby
  18. Run a 5k
  19. Cut my hair short (above the shoulders)
  20. Volunteer
  21. Learn a new skill
  22. Write a letter to a stranger
  23. Explore an uncharted place
  24. Paint
  25. Learn more about Buddhism
  26. Go Camping
  27. Buy an antique with a really great story behind it
  28. Foster a shelter animal
  29. Enter and win a sweepstakes
  30. Go for a week without eating processed/packaged foods
  31. Learn how to shoot with an SLR camera
  32. Add an unnatural color to my hair
  33. Learn to decorate cakes
  34. Make a “raw” dessert
  35. Create a piece of clothing I can wear
  36. Write a short story
  37. Write a letter/e-mail to a talk show and get it read on the air
  38. Have matching couple Halloween costumes
  39. Kiss under the mistletoe
  40. Perform on stage
  41. Go to a renaissance festival
  42. Buy a really high-end piece of clothing or accessory (even small)
  43. Learn a magic trick
  44. Participate in a “No Sugar Challenge”
  45. Go vegan for a week
  46. Revisit a childhood memory
  47. Eat an exotic food
  48. Try Pilates
  49. Participate in an activity that’s only for women
  50. Eat a multiple course dinner
  51. Make a vision board
  52. Read a book and leave it for someone else to find and read
  53. Get a concealed handgun license
  54. Take an APA dog running on town lake
  55. Go to a restaurant, order and consume the most calorie heavy item on the menu
  56. Make breakfast for a crowd
  57. Go to an Austin music festival
  58. Read one of “the classics” and read a trashy romance novel, compare and contrast
  59. Purchase something from thinkgeek.com
  60. Teach something to a child
  61. Go stargazing in the middle of nowhere
  62. Post a video of myself on YouTube
  63. Conduct a “mad science” experiment at home
  64. Attend an art gallery opening
  65. Write a thank you letter to a teacher for helping me get where I am today
  66. Buy a hat
  67. Take a class
  68. Go back and finish a video game I abandoned
  69. Create a public piece of art
  70. Go to a bar by myself
  71. Create a homemade beauty product
  72. Climb a tree
  73. Throw a themed party
  74. Accessorize an outfit
  75. Search an area with a metal detector
  76. Do a freelance job in a different field (e.g. event planning)
  77. Take my family out to dinner and pay the bill
  78. Make a traditional dutch recipe
  79. Spend a month doing the TakePart Take Action project
  80. Wear something with sequins
  81. Do something I’ve always been afraid to do
  82. Use only public transportation for 3 days
  83. Dress up on an ordinary day
  84. Dance in public
  85. Go meet a role model in real life
  86. Get a celebrity’s autograph
  87. Wander a big city with no agenda
  88. Take myself on a date
  89. Sign up to be on a game show
  90. Create my own wine @ Water 2 Wine
  91. Imitate art from an artist I admire
  92. Win an auction on a penny bids site
  93. Find something that makes life a little easier
  94. Do something the old-fashioned way
  95. Ask the waiter “What do you recommend?” And take his advice
  96. Do something that makes me feel like I’m flying (e.g. skydiving, bungee jumping)
  97. Go to an Alamo Drafthouse event
  98. Get published
  99. Support a cause I believe in
  100. Obtain a piece of original art
  101. Ice skate on an actual lake
  102. Rock climb (not indoors)
  103. Do something that I heard about on the Travel Channel
  104. Help someone anonymously
  105. Find out more about my ancestry
  106. Apply for dual-citizenship
  107. For one week give up one piece of technology I feel I couldn’t live without
  108. Shop for a week’s groceries using only the farmer’s market (pantry staples excluded)
  109. Do hot yoga
  110. Play a prank
  111. Submit a design to Threadless
  112. Ditch at least one habit that’s not environmentally friendly

Happy New Year’s Eve to all !  I hope your 2012 is full of love, happiness, and the greatest adventures you’ve had yet.


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