The World We Live In (Holy Moley, it’s 2012)

The beginning of the idea for this blog was–literally (and I don’t use that term lightly)–divine intervention.  I’ll save the long story, but it begins and ends with my mom, who often receives messages from spirits and angels, receiving a desperate message from MY spirit guides about how I’m neglecting my very important life’s mission to write.  Somewhere along the line I’d missed the memo about needing to put my thoughts and feelings into written word.

I started this same blog in a different place many months ago but I was writing aimlessly, and guess where that gets you in the blogging world?  …Just about nowhere.

So I’ve started fresh, new place new time, new purpose. I’m getting ready to cross the threshold into 2012 and I couldn’t be more excited. Like–little kid on Christmas excited. You see, I’ve got adventures ahead of me, but more importantly I think the world has adventures ahead of it.

I was watching the “Year in Review” special on TV the other day. I watched world leaders resign at the feet of thousands of raging citizens. I watched Japan devastated by a horrific act of god. The entire world joined in a bright moment of hope and happiness as they watch William and Kate kiss for the first time.  Thousands of American’s affected by 9-11 felt a twinge of justice as the headlines of Osama Bin Laden’s death flooded the media. And the Occupy movement, seeded in just one city, quickly spread over the entire world.

It’s not just the media though, the world, better connected than ever, was talking about it the entire time:

The major themes here? Unity. Revolution. Awakening. In the face of adversity, disaster, change and uncertainty the world has united. We’ve created astronomical changes already and have set so many more in motion.  I hope that in my own 2012, I can do the same in my life and for the world.  I don’t want to watch the world change from my sofa, I want to create change.

I don’t yet aspire to be on the front lines on Wall Street, or wading among flood waters sifting through debris, but personal changes, local changes, even mental changes are the commonly overlooked steps to creating a more magnificent world.

So here I am, awakening in my own way, along with the rest of the world.


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