Adventures: Wilderness Walk

So, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to go adventuring more often.  Read adventures as: Anything that makes me slightly uncomfortable to think about. I know it’s not quite the new year yet, but Nick and I both had the day off so I did some Yelping and found a great hiking trail somewhere off in the middle of the hill country.

It. Was. Beautiful.

Since I work from home and all of my work involves sitting in front of a screen it was absolutely liberating to set foot on ground that wasn’t carpeted or tiled. It was quiet. So quiet. And I don’t know if it was the fresh air or the endorphins from marching up and down the inclines and declines, but I felt like nature had breathed new life into me.

More photos from the hike:

I hear that being in nature is good for the soul, and now I feel (since you can’t actually see) what that means.

However, we’re going to need to build up some endurance and probably invest in new shoes.  We huffed and puffed through the last half of a 2 mile hike and that wasn’t even the whole trail.  We made it a goal to throw away our high school P.E shoes, invest in some hiking boots and try again soon.


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